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Unscrambling Town Planning Problems

It is vital to have a clear understanding from the start of which town planning legislation and processes you must comply with. Mistakes and errors can be financially costly and set the project back months or even years.

It is important not to rush into your projects without researching and securing the correct permits and permissions to make your development legal and successful. With so much development underway, governments are under-resourced, and therefore problems can lead to lengthy delays. As such, we recommend when you come up against a problem, you speak directly with expert town planners to help you overcome the obstacle so you can move forwards quickly and with minimal delays.

Australia has planning frameworks strengthened by a sizeable body of legislation. Each individual state and territory has specific urban planning laws and administrative departments. Property Change specialises in the urban planning system of Victoria and Melbourne in particular.

Problems With Rezoning

Across Australia, our cities have undergone substantial rezoning throughout the past two decades. The increase in the number of sites that are eligible for residential development has led to a boom in development projects, particularly in Metropolitan Melbourne. However, due to the rezoning, there has also been some confusion over the rezoning process as well as some challenges when it comes to acquiring real estate in desirable areas.

We work with development projects who are coming up against a range of rezoning problems such as ensuring your plans are compliant with permit requirements. Sometimes, we recommend alternative mixed-use developments which combine residential and commercial properties. This is a type of zoning now in effect in Melbourne, designed to develop an urban space that works for everyone.

Problems With Permits

We know how complicated and time-consuming it can be when it comes to securing the correct permits for your development projects. However, it is vital to invest time in making sure you apply and secure the necessary permits before your development gets going in earnest. This will save you time and money further down the road. We’ve helped development projects who have been refused permits, acquired incorrect permits and even begun work without the necessary permits in place.

The sooner you bring Property Change on board, the easier the permit acquisition process will be. We can save you time and money by providing you with a direct path to the necessary permit applications, working to get the permits you need to keep your project moving.

Problems With Sustainability

In recent years, an increased emphasis has been placed on sustainable development projects. If your project does not comply with the sustainable building codes, such as Victoria’s Green Star rating, you will be faced with delays. It is predicted that new, tighter sustainability legislation will come into play over the coming years in response to the climate emergency. As town planners and developers, it is important we are always abreast of these changes to ensure existing and future projects are always in compliance with town planning legislation.

We recommend developers stay ahead of the curve and, where possible, aim to make their development projects more sustainable than state and national existing legislation requires. This will not only be a selling point to your investors who are environmentally aware but may also appeal to prospective buyers at the end of the project phase allowing you to price your properties as a premium and generate a higher profit overall.

How Can We Help?

We often get brought on board when a town planning project hits a problem. While we are able to provide our support and expertise at any time, the earlier in the project we are involved, the better. The involvement of town planners in your project will help to smooth the way, avoid any foreseeable or predictable mistakes and save you money. Whatever stage your project is currently at, we recommend you speak with us as soon as possible. Whether you are currently facing a town planning problem or you are taking preventative measures, Property Change can help.

To speak with one of our expert town planners, get in touch with Property Change today.

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