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Why Use a Town Planner? A COVID-19 Update

It is important that expert town planning services are available during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting critical projects and securing jobs while acting safely in line with the latest mandated best practices and regulations. We are working remotely alongside Councils adhering to physical distancing protocols, using Zoom meetings to ensure that this critical work moves forward and smooths the way for your project through the pandemic. Our flexible remote working protocols ensure that you have the expertise your project needs right at your fingertips.

What is the Role of a Town Planner?

The primary role of a town planner within a development project is to help make the process smoother and more rewarding for both property developers and the communities in which they are working. Here are some important benefits of utilising a town planner for development projects in Melbourne and the greater Victoria region.

Town Planners Manage Risk, Streamline Processes and Improve Profitability

A town planner is an asset to any development project, reducing risks of delays, managing complex legal requirements effectively, and reducing the risks of costly delays that can impact on timelines and profitability.

Prepare and Submit Your Development application

This paperwork can be a daunting and often frustrating experience for many developers, whether you are new to these projects or have years of experience. Town planners know exactly which documents you need to move your project ahead. This saves time and money, ensuring there is minimal back and forth, and that your development application is likely to be approved. Rejected applications can stall developments and cost investors money. Therefore, the correct preparation and submission of these applications is an important and valuable step to get right.


Keep Lines of Communication Clear

In the initial stages of a development, it’s best practice to have a single point of contact with Council. Town planners are in the best position to achieve this, with their inner knowledge of Council requirements, laws around development projects, and experience working with architects and property developers. They may also have connections within the Council to fast-track applications. By hiring a town planner, you ensure an effective line of communication between yourself and the Council using someone with the right experience and the ability and knowledge to coordinate different parties (architects, surveyors, developers, civil engineers, etc.) and be proactive. A town planner can quickly overcome any issues to ensure your development keeps moving forwards.

Get Council approval Assurance and a Faster Result

Town planners have specialist knowledge of and experience dealing with the specific legal requirements and processes around property development. Since they also work with the Council on a regular basis, they know exactly what is needed and can leverage their professional network effectively. They will already have a relationship with the planner or know another planner who the Council planner will know, therefore fast tracking the rapport.

As a result, they’re able to evaluate sites and building designs to spot potential problem areas that the Council may not approve, as well as effectively manage the process of getting the correct permits, permissions, inspections and approvals that are needed to move your project forward and stick to your timeline. As a project manager, you’ll know the importance of outsourcing important but specialist tasks to the best people in order to keep your project on track and ensure the best results and highest profits are delivered.

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