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Yarra Council

Indigenous Region: Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung | State: Victoria

Yarra is located within the inner north east of Melbourne, located 1km from the central business district. Yarra city has a diverse culture with a plethora of commercial and retail activity centres including Smith St, Brunswick St, Bridge Rd, Church St and Hoddle/ Punt Rd. The area is categorised by its youthful lively activity, nightlife and arts/culture.

Property Change has worked closely with Yarra City Council on commercial and residential projects.


226 Johnston St, Fitzroy

This project involved assisting Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic with relocating some of their services to an additional site at 226 Johnston Street. Property Change acted on behalf of the client gathering information on what was required from Yarra City Council in order to achieve a permit for a change in use, from retail to a veterinary clinic. There was a large amount of ambiguity over what use a veterinary clinic came under the definition of in the Yarra Planning Scheme.

Property Change was able to ascertain this information and provide Preliminary advice for our client on the steps required to smoothly navigate through council in order to achieve a planning permit for a change in use.


184 Miller St, Fitzroy

Property Change was approached by a client to assist in objecting to a proposal for the part demolition, and construction of a ground and first floor extension to the dwelling at 184 Miller Street, Fitzroy North. Our clients objection was on the grounds of overshadowing and an unreasonable detriment to the amenity at their own property neighbouring the subject site.

Whilst Property Change advocate for residential infill and or consolidation of property, it is vital that a proposal is designed in such a way that adds to the character of the surrounding area and does not negatively impact on the liveability of dwellings that surround that particular development.

Property Change worked closely with Nick Tweedie from Owen Dixon Chambers to settle a planning outcome that both the client and the owner of the subject site at 184 Miller Street were satisfied with, avoiding the need for a hearing at VCAT.


319 Church Street, Richmond

This Project involves Property Change working closely with Goodstart Early Learning to assist in upgrading their childcare centre located on Church Street in the heart of Richmond.

A project of this scale involves a number of stakeholders such as architects, mechanical engineers, landscape designers, and project managers. As liasing with council can be a timely process in a project involving multiple moving pieces, Property Change are working closely with FDC Building Group and Goodstart Early Learning in providing Town Planning advice in relation to the design of the upgrade. In addition to this, Property Change have been working closely with Yarra City Council to ensure that a design outcome that meets the requirements of the Yarra Planning Scheme is achieved. This saves time, cost, and work for both the client and other stakeholders within this project.

This project is ongoing, however Property Change are confident of negotiating a fantastic planning outcome for both the client and Yarra City Council.


139 George St, Fitzroy

Fitzroy is yet another one of Property Changes inner city residential developments. This outstanding renovation included a redesign of the entire first floor, including the addition of a first storey terrace and terrace pergola.

This project was performed under a Heritage Overlay that sought to protect the street facing façade. The proposed partial demolition of the existing dwelling for the construction of first floor accessible roof top terrace was consistent with the purpose and decision guidelines of the Heritage Overlay. Most notably City of Yarra Incorporated Heritage Plan outlined ‘Construction or extension of a deck, which can be attached to an existing building, is permit exempt where (applies to residential buildings/uses only): Contributory, The deck is to the rear of an existing building’.